For your Icom IC-7000

The Icom IC-7000 is a fine little radio. Many hams use it as a HF mobile rig, but I have mine in the shack and I am extremely pleased with its performance. It has many of the features of my "big" radios; the only drawback is its tiny readout screen. For old eyes, it is difficult to see many of the functions and menus are hard to follow. What we need is a larger readout, right?

The 7000 has an output of composite video so feeding it to an external monitor is no problem. 7" monitors are still being advertised on eBay. If you check the "big box" stores in less populated areas you might still find these monitors at bargain prices. The current crop of "rear view" or "CD player" monitors seem to randomly have a rolling video problem. I suspect that it is the lack of any quality control on these Chinese monitors. Some seem to work fine, others don't. It is worth your time to check back here for updates as hams who have added monitors to their IC-7000s report current sources.



The monitor I bought a couple years ago was a " Haier" and I found it at a Target Store for $32. At that time it was available at similar prices at many of the large discount stores. (It is possible that it sells under other trade names. Often these Chinese electronics are sold under several names.) If you can find a new Haier, I can promise you that it will work with no problems.

Mine is a portable, battery powered (but comes with a wall-wart for AC) television set. However, the set also includes separate inputs for video and audio (A/V) which makes it a perfect external monitor.

You won't have any trouble hooking a little monitor into the 7000. On the rear of the transceiver there are four "jack" holes and the first one puts out composite video. Make up a small cord (shielded RG-172 works well) with a jack on one end and an RCA plug on the other. The jack goes into hole #1 on the rear of the 7000 and the RCA jack goes into the yellow (top) jack on the monitor. Then go to the menu button on the front of the monitor and punch it until you see "inputs" which will be either "antenna" or "AV." Choose AV with the up and down button and you are in business. The monitor will light up with an exact duplication of what is showing on the small screen on the IC-7000.

PLEASE NOTE! Update 2017 Icom does not make the IC-7000 anymore, which is a shame because it was and is a fine little transceiver with many of the features of bigger radios. But, there are still a number in use both mobile and in the shack. Reports from readers of this site have been very cooperative in passing along tips on suitable external monitors. The consensus is that "rear view" or "backup" monitors do not work. At present I am not aware of a suitable monitor, but you may check Amazon and eBay for something you might try. (Make sure you can return it if it does not work for you!) AND, if you do find a suitable substitute that works please let me know at john@w4btx.com so I can pass along the info to others.

HERE IS AN UPDATE AS OF 8-11-2018 A friendly ham from "downunder" (VK5SN) sent me a link to a currently available external monitor for your Icom IC-7000. He bought his from eBay for $99, but it is a large screen job at a little over 10 inch screen. You can check it out by clicking HERE. The IC-7000 is still a very fine radio and if you'd like a little larger vieewing area you can take a look at this one. Anyone with suggestions like this is always welcome to send it along and all of us hams are grateful for the info.

Here is Ronnie's (KA2CDT) set up with one of the earlier CD player monitors, which worked fine for him.. CLICK ON THESE PIX FOR A LARGER PICTURES.


Lets help each other. If you find ANY source of suitable monitors please let me know so I can pass the word along. If you have bought a monitor that has the ROLL problem, please report that also. This site has visitors a from all over the world. In 2016 this site averaged 20K to 30k hits per month. This is a great way for you to do a good deed for your ham friends around the globe who, just like me, love their Ic-7000's. They'll love them more with a nice monitor.