start_show All it takes is some open space like this former model shop in my basement. Clean it out and start the framing. Framing is up and looking good. Time now for the sheeetrock. Got it up and taped and sanded and ready for painting. Bring in the XYL for her painting talents. Two coats of "Dove Gray." Meanwhile, a fine operating table has been constructed. And here are the shelves out of the same fine looking wood. Now the table is in place. A little adjustment of a table leg. Here come those lovely shelves. NOTICE how the table and shelves extend though the hole in the wall. Everythink in fitting nicely. Now the "hidden wire" magic begins! The inside of the back doors are painted flat black. They even look good from the back when closed. Here's the "Magic." With a black background all the wires won't show! Shack on the right, the adjoining workshop on the left. But look at all the wiring mess behind those doors. Because of the black background the wires are not noticeable from the front. And here is my shack as of Today! close_show pictures folder lightbox by v5.4